Beyond NY: Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, PA

Beyond NY: Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, PA

Beyond NY: Rodin Museum in Philadelphia, PA
The Cathedral, Rodin Museum

As the world celebrates a centennial of Auguste Rodin death this year, its a good occasion for a visit to Rodin Museum in Philadelphia. The museum opened in 1929, has more than 140 pieces covering all stages of artist’s oeuvre.

Walking through the formal French garden where 8 sculptures are installed including The ThinkerThe Burghers of Calais  and The Gates of Hell, the visitors enter an elegant Beaux-Arts building. Inside the airy main hall and the more intimate side rooms, you will have a chance to see the famous sculptures up close and find insightful details about each piece of work with historical parallels and the stories that served as inspiration for the works.

If you are so moved by seeing the sculptures and want to sketch them for better understanding of artist’s vision, there are sketch albums and pencils on hand in every room. Follow your heart and draw what you see – after all the art is only alive when it moves us.  The museum also offers a very well designed family guide to sharpen young eyes and encourage them to see the artist’s shapes.

Read the notes, observe the sculptures, try to sketch and follow the lines to fully appreciate the artist’s ideas and the forms.


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Venue: Rodin Museum, Philadelphia, PA                                           See museum hours here.

April – October 2017 Fall Art in NYC: CHIHULY at New York Botanical Garden

April – October 2017 Fall Art in NYC: CHIHULY at New York Botanical Garden

Open from April 22 – October 29, 2017

World-renowned glass sculpture artist Dale Chihuly returns to New York Botanical Garden with his new installation CHIHULY. The exhibition includes 20 works combining early drawings and the latest creations.

CHIHULY at New York Botanical Garden fall art

“CHIHULY, a major new exhibition at The New York Botanical Garden spotlights world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly’s bold innovation in a variety of media throughout his celebrated career. Chihuly’s first major garden exhibition in New York in more than ten years features more than 20 installations and includes drawings and early works that reveal the evolution and development of his […]

via CHIHULY at New York Botanical Garden, April 22 – October 29, 2017 — Arts Summary

Dale Chihuly’s art blends easily with the nature, so this year installation at the NYBG is not the first experiment in that regard. The New Botanical Garden gives these innovative art works a genuine environment. In an interview with the ArtNet Todd Forrest, the NYBG’s vice president for horticulture and living collections stressed that “the combination of art and nature that exemplifies Dale Chihuly’s art is something that is very close to our hearts at the New York Botanical Garden.”

Chihuly came a long way in reaching the level of expression he is presenting to the public today. After years of studies and work at the top art schools in the US, he studied glass blowing at the Venini factory on the island of Murano off Venice, Italy. There and elsewhere in Europe he was able to experiment with the techniques, colors and materials that now make integral parts of his installations.

The exhibition at the NYBG is highlighting the interplay not only between the glass creations and the nature but also between daylight and nighttime illumination. The garden will open late for the visitors to experience this magic. Check the hours here.

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In addition to the art and nature there will be summer concerts in the garden. The opening concert in the series on Friday June 16, 2017, the French Connection, is featuring vocal sensation Camille Bertault and Alphonso Horne on trumpet. 

Venue: New York Botanical Garden, NY                                             

Date: April 22 – October 29, 2017 


March – January 2018: Mummies at the American Museum of Natural History

March 2017 – January 2018: Mummies at the American Museum of Natural History

Reach history of the mummies from pre-Columbian Peru to ancient Egypt 

The custom of preserving the bodies of dead humans and animals was practiced by people from ancient times. The most well-preserved objects are usually found in dry and hot climates where nature provides the most suitable environment for the mummification. Due to their geography both Egypt and Peru had very elaborate embalming traditions and associated religious rituals. The exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History brings on view the mummies from these two countries located on opposite sides of the globe.

March 2017 - January 2018: Mummies from pre-Columbian Peru to ancient Egypt at the American Museum of Natural History

Photographs by Corrado Serra.

via Mummies at American Museum of Natural History, through January 7, 2018 — Arts Summary

While many think that the oldest mummies came from Egypt, its actually Peru where the oldest mummies were found. The ancient people living in hot and dry areas of nowadays Peru, started making mummies 7,000 years ago. While Egypt’s mummies are better known, its oldest is 3,500 years old.

The show at the American Museum of Natural History comes from the Fields museum in Chicago. Some of the objects on view were not exhibited from 1893 when the World’s Columbian Exposition took place in Chicago.

Current exhibition goes into history, techniques and practices of mummifications with many interactive tables to learn and explore. Even a CT scanner is prominently on view as its a staple of modern exploration of the artifacts. The New York Times review explores various method used by archeologists to glean inside and reconstruct the objects and how they lived.

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John Lindberg book Ancient Egypt  and National Geographic documentary Inca Mummies:Secrets of the Lost World are absolutely fascinating journeys into the history, traditions and art of these rich cultures.

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Venue: American Museum of Natural History, NY         

Dates: March 20, 2017 – January 7, 2018