Francis Picabia exhibition at MoMa runs till March 19, 2017

March 2017 event in NYC: Francis Picabia exhibition at MoMa runs                  until March 19, 2017

Francis Picabia at MoMa
From the exhibition

Art: Francis Picabia: Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction

MoMA presents this exposé of Francis Picabia work that can be viewed as a primer in modern art. A quirk of the exhibition is the artist’s ironic and at times cynical take on each of the artistic movement that he had explored but didn’t dwell on for too long. You will see that he touched on them all effortlessly moving from Impressionism to Cubism and Avant-garde to Surrealism and Dada and on and on. You can find more about the artist in the the New York Times and the New Yorker reviews. 

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Venue: Museum of Modern Art, 53rd Street            Dates: Through March 19, 2017