Elsewhere in NYC: Morgan Library & Museum and New York Public Library

Elsewhere in NYC: Morgan Library & Museum and New York Public Library

Perfect places for the art of reading

In the bustling city of New York where everyone is in a hurry, the quiet spaces are especially precious. By a perfect coincidence these two libraries are situated a few blocks apart in midtown Manhattan. Both are the celebrated havens for those who appreciate the art and the history of the written words or are making the first steps in the world of books.

Elsewhere in NYC: Morgan Library & Museum and New York Public Library
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John Pierpont Morgan has been called the most influential financier in U.S. history. Between 1890 and 1913, his company was instrumental in the establishment of 42 major corporations including General Electric, International Harvester, AT & T, and the Atchison Topeka Santa Fe railway. He financially backed countless projects, including Thomas Edison’s Edison Electric Illuminating Company, as […]

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Its fascinating to think about the unity of  places dedicated to books. The libraries while very distinct in their characters, are wonderfully complementing each other.

While NY Public Library will rightly impress with its depth of material and expertise of people working there, Morgan Library offers a treasured  and well-researched collection of illuminated manuscripts, rare prints, music manuscripts, Renaissance paintings and Chinese porcelain. In addition to its exhibitions, Morgan Library holds music programs and lectures.  This summer there will be several concerts combining music performed by St. Luke Chamber Ensemble with the reading by a well-known literary master Adam Gopnik.

The NY Public Library is know for its premier series LIVE from NYPL. In May and June of this year the guest list includes Anselm Kiefer, a German painter and sculptor,  Alec Baldwinan American actor, and Phillip Glass, an American composer  to name just a few. It is a true cultural kaleidoscope!

Venue: Morgan Library and Museum, 225 Madison Avenue, NY           Hours: click here

Venue: NYPL Schwarzman Building, 476 5th Avenue, NY                       Hours: click here