2017 Lincoln Center Festival: H’Sao Band Performance on July 28

2017 Lincoln Center Festival: H’Sao Band Performance on July 28

A cappella performance mixing melodies from Chad with modern world soul and jazz

2017 Lincoln Center Festival: H'Sao Band Performance on July 28
H’Sao / image source lincolncenter.org

This amazing Montreal-based band was formed in 2001 when three brothers teamed up with their childhood friend to start performing. Using only their voice at first and adding musical instruments later the group caught the attention of the music fans and gained popularity in Montreal, Canada. H’Sao style can be described as Afro-fusion or Afro-jazz defined by authentic vocal harmonies, electrifying rhythm and stunning dance.

Masterly mixing a cappella singing from their native Chad with the new world gospels, soul and jazz music the group had established itself on the music scene. It travels around the world participating in the prominent musical festivals and events from New Zealand and Australia to Europe, Asia and Americas. Their lyrics are addressing the issues of social justice, love and peace.

H’Sao concert in NYC is part of the Nomadic Knights series of Lincoln Center Festival. More information about their albums can be found here.


Venue: Stanley Kaplan Penthouse, Lincoln Center, NY                                Date: July 28, at 8pm